Failed to create site backup DK0074

I’m trying to pull just the files (no db) from a Kinsta instance to DevKinsta via the Sync feature. It fails to create the backup with error code DK0074.

I’ve checked and I can access the temp folder that my terminal displays:
echo $TMPDIR

The permissions state my user has Read&Write access. This this the user DevKinsta uses to store zip backups of the DevKinsta sites?

The second place I checked what the disk storage space and I have over 300 GB available. My site shouldn’t be anywhere close to that size.

macOS 12.4 Monterey
Apple M2, 2022
DevKinsta 2.9.0

Also a slightly un-related note: when I cancel the operation it tries to restore the site backup but not sure if it’s trying to restore something that originally failed as it’s stuck at 50%. Just wanted to mention that.

Hey @sharpspring,

What is the output you get when opening the terminal and running the following command?

ls -la $TMPDIR | grep backup