Devkinsta fail to transfer local file with sync function

Hey I cant transfer my website from devKinsta to kinsta. I get an error DK0065. Can’t see anything in the main log. I’ve tried deleting the docker kinsta/devkinsta_rsync-ssh. But still can’t make it. I’m using a mac.

Thanks for trying to help.

Yep still the issue, no way and I cant migrate using migrate guru because it does not work from local.

Hello @fdsecarriere :wave: , welcome to DevKinsta community!

Thank you for reaching us out!
Regarding that DK0065 error, just wanted to check if you checked and followed the solution what’s mentioned on our documentation here ?

That DK0065 error usually could be caused by a failed connection to the remote server (your Staging server) or unpredictable issues related to the uploaded files. This step uses rsync as a tool to share files with the remote site, so anything that can cause rsync to fail can be the root cause of this issue.

On the other thread (similar DK0065 error), my colleague, Kevin, suggested to remove any unnecessary large files (old/unnecessary zip files e.g: from old backups, etc.) both from the local computer and on the staging server (to keep them synchronized) which helped the other user there to solve this failed to upload local site DK0065 issue . So, you may also want to check yours (if there’s such large unnecessary file() that can be removed/deleted) and wondering if it’s the same solution that may help you as well.

Please let us know if we can assist you further.


Hey thanks for replying back.
I’ve tried every solution. I have no large files. Whole package is about 65MB.
I’ve deleted rsync container in docker in order to create a fresh one when using sync again.
I’ve tried to transfer som other wordpress I’ve created with devKinsta, I get the same error.
I’m clueless right now.


Thank you for your reply Francois!

If it also happens the same even with a new fresh WP install you created with DevKinsta, then this could be caused by a failed connection from your local end (or your internet connection) to the remote server or unpredictable issues related to the uploaded files and this does not seem to be an issue with DevKinsta.

As an alternative (workaround) you may want to use a site migration plugin like Duplicator, here’s our guide on how to use it. Alternatively, if you wish to migrate your site manually without the use of a plugin, you will need to do the following:

  1. Export a copy of the database through the Database manager in DevKinsta and import the .sql DB file into your server host (via phpMyAdmin tool or via SFTP and SSH/MySQL command line).
  2. Upload the files of your local site via SFTP to your host server
  3. Use MyKinsta Search and Replace tool or use WP-CLI to run a search and replace to replace the .local domain to your live site’s domain you use on your server.

Hope that helps!