Generating https certificate failed

Hi, I started using DevKinsta for the first time and cannot import the site. It stalls at 60% with the warning “generating https certificate failed”. I did whitelist Docker and DevKinsta in Windows Security. I’m on Windows 11. What can I try to resolve the issue? Thanks. :slight_smile:

Edit: I did read Blocked at updating host file 75% and tried:

  • Updated the hosts file myself
  • Read only is unchecked
  • DevKinsta and Docker are whitelisted in Windows Security
  • Disabling Windows Security
  • Running DevKinsta as admin
  • Insert test into hosts file via cmd

What else could I do to try resolve the issue?


Hi @Noelle_Steegs, welcome!

Do you see an error code along with the warning?
If you could, send me your main.log and main.log.old files in a DM, and I can look to see if anything stands out there.

The log files can be accessed from the Help and Support page in DevKinsta (click the question mark (?) icon in the left sidebar) under the Support forum heading.

It sounds similar to an error when DevKinsta is unable to write to the certificate store, but running as admin should have corrected that.


Hey @DavidG,

Thanks for your reply.

No specific error appears, only “something bad happened” replaces “updating hosts file”.

I am also attaching the two log files you requested.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi @Noelle_Steegs, I’m seeing “Access is denied.” when DevKinsta attempts to update your hosts file. Are you getting a security warning popup asking you to allow command prompt to make changes?

I’m also seeing this error:
[watchDockerService] Pinging docker: FAILED. (HTTP code 500) server error - i/o timeout

Can you try this again today/share the main.log with us again? I’m wondering if it was just a temporary issue with Docker or if your network is blocking that ping to Docker.