Got stuck with 403 on a new install on Windows 10

Hi guys,

trying to get DevKinsta working on my Windows 10 Pro. I had Docker Desktop running before installing DevKinsta but dropped all the images except for Portainer. So nothing seems to interfere.

Got DK0021, removed all the kinsta images, updated Docker Desktop and restarted DevKinsta installer that recreated the kinsta containers. Didn’t help much. Then I found Kevin’s advice on manually downloading and unzipping the WordPress distribution.

Eventually, it did fix the DK0021 and I managed to create a new WP site. Now I ran into 403 forbidden when trying to open the newly created website. WP-admin responds with a 404. Logs contain no valuable info other than that the site responded with a 403.

I checked the Kinsta support video on the 403. Since there’s no .htaccess file permissions seem to be the only concern. Logged ls -la inside devkinsta_nginx - shows -rwxrwxrwx www-data www-data on almost all the WP assets.

Any ideas?

Btw, devkinsta\kinsta\sites.conf is missing.

Hi @Boris, thanks for reaching out. Instead of a sites.conf, you’ll have individual site configurations in ~/DevKinsta/nginx_sites.

Have you installed DevKinsta as the root/admin user on your PC? Installing as a non-root user is usually where permissions issues start.

Also, are you using WSL2 or Hyper-V with Docker?

Also, please try ls -la from the devkinsta_fpm container.

If going to http://yoursite.local/wp-login.php is leading to a 404, that makes me think the NGINX configuration for the site is incorrect or there’s an issue with the volume mounting.

Hi @Kevin thank you so much for your fast response.

I used my regular account with admin rights during the installation. Now I reinstalled DevKinsta forcing the installer to run with administrator rights. Unfortunately this made no difference.

I do run a pretty vanilla Docker Desktop config with WSL2 with Ubuntu integration. I even turned off Kubernetes to spare the resources.
Doing ls -la inside devkinsta_fpm revealed nothing spectacular - most of the files within wordpress folder have -rwxrwxrwx owned by www-data www-data

As you expected, mysite.local/wp-login.php responded with a 404. I didn’t touch the NGINX config or anything else created by DevKinsta.

Updated my Docker Desktop to 4.13.1 just playing basic voodoo magic - nothing changed.

Then I uninstalled DevKinsta, dropped all the containers, cleaned the caches and reset all the Docker settings to defaults (resulted in switching the WSL from “Ubuntu” to “default distro” (which is Ubuntu anyway). Reinstalled DevKinsta and had to download & unzip the WP distributions manually 6.0-6.0.3.

Result: same 403 & 404. My setup: Windows 10 Pro 21H1, Docker Desktop 4.13.1 default config. Trying to install the default WP version 6.0.3 with PHP 8.0

Error log says “directory index of ‘site_name.local’ is forbidden”. Site nginx.conf is updated by DevKinsta when I start or stop the site.

So, I can reproduce the 403/directory index error by deleting the index.php file in my site’s public directory. Is there as index.php file file in ~/DevKinsta/public/sitename in your Windows filesystem? Can you try create a random php file in there like test.php then try to navigate to http://sitename.local/test.php?

Can you reach that file?

Hello, Kevin,

looks like reverting my Docker Desktop installation to defaults helped somewhat: mysite.local/something.php resulted in the WP installation script engagement. Apparently permissions are ok, and the FPM container seems to work. Need to fix the DB issues now…

That’s good to hear @Boris; please let me know if you need any more assistance.


thank you very much once again. I wouldn’t get through without your invaluable advice. I finally made it through the installation: first you have to address any existing php file within the wordpress folder to engage the WP installer. Then you enter “devkinsta_db” as the DB name with root DB credentials.
Is this only a Windows version issue? Do you plan an update that would fix the DK0021 and make things work out of the box as intended?
Btw, all the URLs respond with 403 unless written as mysite.local/wordpress/something.php Guess it’s a minor NGNIX config issue?
The other issue is that WP feels much slower than running it on a Linux VM inside Hyper-V.

So what’s odd is that on Windows 10 Pro and 11 Pro, I never run into this issue when installing DK/creating a site. I believe there’s something more happening with your Windows setup but I’m unsure what it could be.

In your DevKinsta/public folder, do you have WordPress installed under a subdirectory like sitename/wordpress ? It should just look like this:

And yes, the wp-config.php is set up to use devkinsta_db instead of localhost by default.

A clean install should just work out of the box, unless there are some permissions issues going on (among other things).

As for the performance, it’s a known issue with Docker/WSL2. Devkinsta will currently always be more performant if you use Docker Desktop with Hyper-V instead of WSL2. We’ve been researching ways to move the site files out of the Windows filesystem to get around this. There’s a similar issue with Mac: Website Interactivity is Slow - #65 by Kevin