How to install Docker

Hi there,

I’m a beginner at web development and this is the first dev environment I’m setting up. My computer is running on Ubuntu and I want to install DevKinsta.

Installing was successful. But when I open DevKinsta, it’s telling me download and install Docker on my computer.

I don’t know what Docker is and how to get it. But when I click the button that says ‘Download Docker’ it’s redirecting me to the website of Docker without any clear instructions for what to do.

Can anyone help this newbie with this? That would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance!

Welcome to DevKinsta @hashimnaushahi ! That’s correct that Docker is indeed required. I recommend checking out the application to learn more about what it is as well. You can find instructions on what Docker is and how to install it on Ubuntu in this link here. If you have further trouble with any of those steps, let me know!

We haven’t heard back from you on this topic in a while. However, if you do need further assistance you can simply start a new forum thread. Thank you again for using DevKinsta. Let us know if you need further assistance! :wave: