Implementing 301 Redirects on Kinsta Static Sites

At present, I am overseeing the administration of a stationary website that is hosted on Kinsta, specifically the Python Online Compiler. One obstacle that I have come across pertains to the incorporation of 301 redirects. These redirects play a vital role in preserving SEO rankings and guaranteeing a seamless user experience when pages are relocated or URLs are modified.

Issue Description:

Absence of Built-in Compatibility: Kinsta, a proficient managed WordPress hosting service, offers commendable assistance for dynamic websites. However, it appears to lack a direct built-in compatibility for implementing 301 redirects on static sites.

SEO Consequences: In the absence of appropriate 301 redirects, any alterations in URL structure or page relocations may result in broken links and a substantial decline in search engine rankings.

Impact on User Experience: Individuals who have bookmarked an outdated URL or accessed an obsolete link would encounter 404 errors, thereby diminishing the overall user experience.

Progress Made Thus Far:

Examined Kinsta’s Documentation: I have thoroughly examined the official documentation and support articles provided by Kinsta. However, the information mainly revolves around dynamic WordPress sites.

Personalized .htaccess Rules: I am contemplating the inclusion of personalized .htaccess rules, although this method appears to be more suitable for Apache servers and may not perfectly align with Kinsta’s static site configuration.

Exploration of External Solutions: I have delved into various third-party solutions and scripts to manage redirects. Unfortunately, these alternatives do not offer the seamless integration one would ideally desire.

I am in need of guidance and solutions from experienced individuals or professionals who have effectively handled 301 redirects on Kinsta static sites. Specifically, I require assistance with the following:

Efficient Methods: What are the most efficient techniques for setting up 301 redirects on Kinsta static sites?

Sample Configurations: Are there any sample configurations or scripts that have proven successful in comparable scenarios?

Recommended Practices: What are the recommended practices to guarantee minimal interruption and optimal SEO advantages when implementing these redirects?

Current Site Information:

We would greatly appreciate any insights or step-by-step instructions that can help us effectively resolve this issue.

Hello Adam :wave: Welcome to Kinsta Community!

Regrettably, there’s no way to create redirects via Mykinsta for Static Site Hosting. There are technical limitations due to the infrastructure of the static site hosting which makes it impossible to have the same tools (including redirects) as we have for our Managed WordPress hosting.

What you can do is create redirects with a personal Cloudflare account. This requires to move the domain to Cloudflare DNS, but from there, you can create redirects (although there’s a limit to number of redirects for a free Cloudflare plan).

Hope that helps. Kind regards!

@Vladimir_Tanovic thanks a lot for providing the deep insights, I am much obliged and will surely look into it.

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