Testing Free Static Sites - Query About WWW Domain

Howdy folks,

I’ve signed up to Kinsta yesterday and created a new site and linked up my domain fine.

I just have two things that I cannot find information on.

  1. When I visit mydomain.com - all is well, and my site loads, but when I visit www.mydomain.com I get This site can’t provide a secure connection error. Any idea how I make the www version accessible?
  2. How might I go about redirecting the non www version to the www version.

Many thanks for your help.

Ok, I’ve got the www bit sorted out.

Last part of the puzzle is redirecting non-www to www.


Last part of the puzzle is redirecting non-www to www.

I’m having the same issue –– how do I do this redirect without access to a .htaccess file?

I’m having the same issue.

Hi all :wave:

Thank you for reaching us out!

While we could add both www and non-www domain (verified them and assigned them with SSL certs) in the “Domains” section of the Static Site - and then the static site’s URL in question could be loaded/accessed from both www and non-www URLs - but currently we don’t have a built-in redirect feature for this specific needs yet (from: non-www to www , or from: non-www to www) in our Static site hosting service.

We’ve asked/reported this case to our internal Devs/Engineering team. They’re actively working to include more features like this in the future - though we can’t tell when it will be ready/available.

In the meantime, as a workaround for the 301-redirect issue mentioned above, you may need to get your own CloudFlare account for your domain(s) and then add/setup a page rule in your CloudFlare account to handle such redirects (e.g.: from non-www to www).

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I created a domain redirect record from www to non-www and it’s working now.

Nice one @RMVolleyball ! Glad to hear that method works for you! :+1: