Install gets stuck at updating host file on Windows Enterprise

I have been working to import site for 3 days. It gets to 60% and stops at Updating Host File, having completed the download, sometimes with a random start over. I have disabled everything in the related topics, installed and uninstalled Docker and DevKinsta, sorted through local security permissions, ran everything as Admin, and more.
I am running Windows Enterprise Edition. Enabled Full control access to host file . All installation prerequisites are in place.

My company has switched to this platform to promote an easy transition. I am finding it less than easy and downright complicated.

Please advise on how to get this up and running.

Hi @absailnit . Welcome to DevKinsta! Iā€™m sorry to hear it has been complicated. Iā€™m happy to help.

I suspect the issue is that due to the enhanced security options of Windows Enterprise Edition, you may need to further tweak local security permissions to allow DevKinsta to edit the local host file.

If you continue to have issues, could you provide us with your main.log file from DevKinsta? You can attach it here, or provide it via DM on this forum.

Thank you for the information. I got the site to add after going back through the procedures. The fix was to disable all features that could possibly prevent access including

  1. Disable Windows Defender Firewall and Virus protections to test install.
  2. Check individual host file for access rights, was set to read only at all levels, granted full control for Programs, and Users to test install. (Right click host file, click on Properties, choose Security options).
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