Installing other web server

Hi, I’m new to DevKinsta and I have two questions.

  1. How do I change the web server to OpenLiteSpeed? The default is Nginx and the option is greyed out where I cannot edit/change.

  2. How do I change the domain name because it’s greyed out again.

Hi @karchung0930, welcome to DevKinsta and thanks for reaching out!

Can you share screenshots of what you are seeing? For 1, DevKinsta currently only uses NGINX. I would need to see a screenshot of what you are seeing to answer your second question.

So it’s not possible to use other web servers like openLiteSpeed?

No, it’s currently not possible to switch server types, unfortunately, since Kinsta hosting is currently only uses NGINX. Can you see what version of DevKinsta that is? The current DevKinsta doesn’t look like that so I’m wondering if you have an older version? You can redownload/install to update if it is an older version.

Hi @karchung0930, sorry just wanted to clarify here. I wasn’t sure which screen that was but it’s the Create New Site > Custom Site page. This page hasn’t really changed much since DevKinsta was released.

I got confirmation from our devs and the reason why those are greyed out is because they can’t be changed/are the defaults. If enough people mention wanting more server types and TLDs then our devs will move those features up on their priority list.

If anyone else is looking to have these options expanded, please post in Feature Request with what sort of additions/options you would like for custom sites.

Sorry again for the confusion on my part but thank you for posting about htis!

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