Local Site Won't Open - ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

Everything was working great. However, the other day I closed Docker without “Turning Off” the website through Kinsta.

Today trying to access the website, Docker wouldn’t load. I closed and reopened and it worked fine. But now when clicking “Open Site” or “WP Admin” I get this error:

This page isn’t working burlington-krown.local didn’t send any data.

All containers are running on Docker.

Is this a common issue with a quick fix? Everything was working great until I made the mistake of leaving the site “on” whilst closing docker.

Hi @Brant_Court ! :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community.

Hm. Usually that error indicates Docker is having an issue launching or maintaining a service.

Can you please send me your main.log file from the site via a DM? Troubleshooting - Error Codes - Kinsta® Docs

Hope this helps, thank you.

Thank you for providing that; I’ve removed the log files from the public post for security.

Looking over the most recent logs, the latest error is

[2024-06-04 14:50:33.040] [error] watchDocker - Error: connect ENOENT //./pipe/docker_engine

Which unfortunately indicates an issue within Docker itself, possibly because a container is failing to launch properly.

Attempting to start Docker as an administrator may help resolve this.

Alternatively, a full reinstall of Docker may be necessary. You can make a copy of your local site’s files that are saved under this sub-folder (to be copied to somewhere else as a backup):
C:\Users\<your user>\DevKinsta\public\site-name
(for example: C:\Users\Brant_Court\DevKinsta\public\site-name )
That site’s subdirectory contains your WordPress files (and sub-folders) used for that specific site.

Then you can also need to get a backup of that site’s data (which is stored in the database) via the Adminer database manager/tool to export your specific site’s database (to be exported/dumped into .sql file), then you can save that .sql database file as your site’s DB backup.

Once you have both files and DB backed up, please remove and clean-up DevKinsta completely - remove/delete any folders and data related to it, for example, inside these folders:
C:\Users\<your user>\AppData\Roaming\DevKinsta,
C:\Users\<your user>\DevKinsta.

And please remove all containers, images, network volumes, etc. in your Docker Desktop. Once they’re removed completely, please restart your computer, then you may want to re-install Docker Desktop first, and once done, you can re-install DevKinsta (it will re-download/setup new images/containers from scratch). Then please try to create a new local site there and see if you’re able to launch the site. If not, a new main.log file may be necessary.

Okay thanks for the response. I should mention - I am able to “Add Site” in the Kinsta App and I can access the WP Dashboard on a new install. But not sure why first website stopped working.

Hm. In the DevKinsta settings, is the checkbox “Auto-detect open ports” enabled or disabled?

The “Auto-detect open ports” is enabled.

Hi @Brant_Court :wave:

Please uncheck “Auto-detect open ports” and set port 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS. Then, check your site on a new private browser (E.g., Incognito in Chrome). Let me know if this helps make your site accessible again.

That resolved it, thank you very much.

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