Manage Custom Caching Rules through MyKinsta


Thank you very much for creating the WordPress Community Forum.
We are using custom caching rules for our WordPress/WooCommerce sites to improve Cache HIT Rate and therefore the user experience by providing a faster site.
Currently, adjustments to those rules always need to go through the Support. This is quite tedious as the exact thing that we want to change often needs to be re-explained as we are not always communicating with the same Support Agent.
Also, testing them in the first place is currently not practical as for every little change it has to go through the support.
Either having general access to those rules, or at least for dev environments, would be wonderful to test out new configurations of the custom caching rules.

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Hi Joris,

I understand the difficulties with being unable to manage cache rules through MyKinsta or a configuration file of your own to test or implement changes.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to change access to the cache configuration currently but I certainly see where you’re coming from.

I’d be happy to submit your feedback to our development team so they’re aware of the needs you’re running into.

If you have concerns or feature requests related to our platform in the future, I would recommend discussing those with our support engineers through chat. They would be happy to do the same and are able to view your company within MyKinsta, the site cache rules, and have a better picture of what you are working with.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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