Caching on a WP-powered membership site based on external auth?

I’m developing a website based on wordpress with a paywall. The authentication comes from an external service that tells me some information about the user. That means also that I don’t use WP users for that purpose.

The client wants to move the site on kinsta, but I remember that the caching is very “intrusive” and are in place some exceptions but only for woocommerce. It’s possible to ask for a custom cookie to bypass the page-level caching? For example, if the request has custom_login_cookie set, then the page-level caching is ignored.

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Hi @llago :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

We’re happy to help. If you need to bypass our page cache based on a specific cookie, we’ve got you covered with a custom NGinx rule. You can get in touch with our Support team to get the Nginx custom rule set up on your website. :+1:

Thanks @Adrian_L !
I will try and I will update this thread with my solution. Maybe it can help other people searching for something similar.

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Sounds good @llago ! :+1:

Please take your time, and sure you can update this thread and share with the working solution you have later on (when available)! Thank you! :smile: that would surely help us all in the future (that may run into the same/similar case or issue)!

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