Page cache expiration and WooCommerce

I’ve got a WooCommerce site set up with WP Rocket installed. I understand that by default the WooCommerce cart, checkout, and account pages are exempted from page cache with this setup.

Also noticed that the Kinsta cache expiration is set to 1 hour by default. Our cache hit rate is abysmal (2%) so I was thinking of raising that expiration time.

Wondering about visitors seeing stale store content in something like a category view where all products in a certain category are displayed. The Kinsta cache plugin says updating a post or page automatically purges the cache for that post or page. Great. But say a new product was published in category A or a product ran out of stock. Would that category view (like be cached and still show the out of stock product or be missing the newly added product?

Thanks for any insights.

Hi @Megunticook! Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

Yes, that’s right. The pages you’ve mentioned are exempted from cache by default.

You can always change the cache expiration time in your MyKinsta Dashboard under Tools. The setting isn’t limited to 1 hour only and you can change it to your preference.

You can refer to this link for a step-by-step guide on how to do it.

Regarding your cache query, I would recommend that you reach out to our Support team so that we can assist you better any questions that you have in real time.

Support is provided exclusively through a chat system integrated into MyKinsta. To reach our Support team, use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of MyKinsta at any time.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Thanks–I posted here because the support person I chatted with didn’t seem entirely sure how to answer my question about whether category views in WooCommerce would be purged from the cache when products in that category are added or removed.

Hello @Megunticook ,

In general, our caching system and Kinsta MU plugin are set to clear cache on key pages such as home page when site is updated. However, depending on how the site is set up, it might or might not clear the cache from certain post types, categories, etc.

That’s why we left a way to customize and add additional paths in Kinsta MU plugin settings.

Please let me know if this answers your question. I also second Merineth’s advice to reach out to our support team via chat if you have any additional questions in regards to this subject.

Kind regards

Thanks, sounds like nobody is too sure about how your cache handles product category views in WooCommerce stores. I’ll try support again but I was hoping maybe another WooCommerce store owner on Kinsta might chime in. This would make a great article for Kinsta to publish, by the way: “How to Configure Kinsta’s Cache with WooCommerce.”

Hi @Megunticook!

We escalated this matter internally with our engineering team to ensure we can provide a definitive answer about how our cache works with WooCommerce sites. Our engineering team has helped clarify that our cache will work as follows:

When an update is made on the site the first page of the related archive pages is cleared immediately. If edge caching is enabled then it may take up to 5 minutes to be cleared.

Then every page of the archives are purged within an hour as a throttled cache purge occurs.

The TLDR provided by our engineering team was, “we list all the taxonomies on the site, list all their terms linked to each of the posts {types} (including products) and trigger cache purge on those urls.”

I hope this clears things up about how our cache works. However, if you do have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply. We will be happy to further assist!

Thanks for the info.