Downloading a Local Website As a Template or Theme

Is there a way that I can export the website that I made in DevKinsta as a template or as a theme so that I can use them in my portfolio or may be sell them as themes on marketplaces like envato elements or template monster.

Hi @Gurvak_Singh :wave:

As you might know that DevKinsta is our free suite of tools for local WordPress development that lets you create local instances of WordPress with a complete hosting stack consisting of PHP, Nginx, and MySQL/MariaDB .

For developers, DevKinsta offers a local environment for developing WordPress themes, plugins, and more.
For designers, DevKinsta offers a local, secure, and fast environment for designing their sites, templates, themes. Debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript through their local browser(s).
For agencies, DevKinsta lets them test plugin and theme updates for their clients locally to avoid site-breaking changes in production.
For freelancers, DevKinsta lets them create, copy down, and edit WordPress local installs quickly and intuitively. Troubleshoot client sites offline and then push their work directly to a Kinsta staging environment then on to a live production site.

So it depends on your needs, you may be able to develop and design your own WordPress theme(s) and/or plugins (with PHP scripts, CSS/JS and whatnot), and that’s really up to you how you would like to “pack” those PHP scripts, CSS/JS files etc, and then sell them on marketplaces. DevKinsta does not have such feature to “export” them automatically.

Best regards,