Problem with use DevKinsta

Q: Date/Time this occurred (Provide your time zone also)
A: Since always, I have installed it a few days ago and I have always had errors.

Q: DevKinsta Version
A: 2.5.0

Q: OS Version
A: Windows 11

Q: Docker Desktop Version
A: Docker Desktop 4.7.1 (77678)

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?
A: Error connecting to the database installating wp

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem
**A: Hi, I have installed KistaDev to make local versions of my wordpress but it turns out that it does not install wordpress. I do all the steps and when “installed” I get the screen to put the language along with the credentials of the database, when I put it I get error and never get to install the wordpress. the Doker is on and I will attach screenshots of everythin

. **

In all the videos I’ve seen I get that it does the complete installation, not me. It makes me connect to the database and on top of that it gives me e

This is the error when I click to view the database
(SQLSTATE[HY000] [2006] MySQL server has gone away)

HI @RobertoAlexandru, welcome to DevKinsta!

There was a similar case here that may help, however that shouldn’t be necessary for brand new installations.

Can you try resetting Docker to its factory defaults then starting DevKinsta again?

If creating a new WP site fails again, please share your main.log file with me so I can see if there were startup/installation errors.

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