Routes not working

Hello, I am building a static site using html/css and vanilla js.
I am using vite in developing and to build my assets

My problem is that during the dev phase my routes are working correctly, example /about will open the about.html template. However after building and deploying my site /about is giving a 404.

The correct url needs a .html extension which I do not want it to be shown in my url structure

Hi @Adham_Zaherdeen

I’m sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with the routes/paths on your static site after deployment to our platform. I’m happy to help look into what could be causing this to occur.

I understand that while you are developing your site using Vite you are able to visit pages such as the /about page without having to append .html onto the end of the URL. However, after deploying the site onto Kinsta you have to add the file extension or else a 404 error occurs.

So that we can better investigate into this matter internally may I have the domain name of your static site so we can review the site configuration and repository being used to pull from?

Best regards