Kinsta download stuck on "Downloading Remote Site"

I’ve tried several times to download a remote site using DevKinsta on Windows. The whole site is 39.2GiB and it takes a couple of hours for the remote site to download. However, it’s been getting stuck after hitting 39.2GiB/39.2Gib. I’ve let it sit for hours with no additional progress.

I’ve had the progress complete after some time on other large sites, but this one has been sitting for 8 hours. Are there any logs I can check to see why the download is hanging? Anything I can do to reattempt the download without deleting the local code base and waiting several more hours?

Hi @coloradodev, thanks for reaching out. It depends on what the error actually is but you’ll likely have to remove the files and start over. Can you try checking your main.log/main.log.old? Those will have more complete logs. On Windows, those would be here:

Please feel free to private message those logs to me. I can also check the Kinsta server to see if the transfer is producing any server errors/was interrupted.

The issue with huge transfers usually comes down to large directories and files (like node_modules and large backup files), but sometimes it’s an actual rsync error(which should be visible in the logs).

Another approach would be to just have MyKinsta generate a downloadable backup then use the backup import option to create the site within DevKinsta.