Sorting, Filtering, or Ordering Sites on DevKinsta

Now that I have an abundance of sites within devKinsta - the lack of organization is becoming problematic.

It could be as simple as ordering the sites (by name?) or by tag ? Stacks? folders (e.g. by client)

But it is getting out of control.

  • Tom Ransom

Thanks for the feature request @onebigidea !

+1 on this.
And I would add tagging too. That would make it easier to group projects at least :slight_smile:

+1 on this - We have 60+ websites we manage and it can get to be a lot in DevKinsta.

+1 on this request!

Meanwhile, here’s a workaround to manually sort (and modify) DevKinsta sites on your machine:

  1. Quit DevKinsta !!
  2. Open up the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DevKinsta/ in Finder (macOS)
  3. Make a backup of config.json !!
  4. Open the config.json - either in a text editor, or using a tool like Smart JSON Editor.
  5. Reorganize the items inside the sites array. I used the Smart JSON Editor and did it via drag-and-drop
  6. Save the config.json changes
  7. Start DevKinsta :slight_smile:

Oh, and did I mention to be careful when editing that config file? Always make sure to completely quit the DevKinsta app and take a backup of the file before making any changes!

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Still no built-in solution to organize local sites… Would love feedback from the team on whether this is considered/worked on, or if we need to live with the current workaround.

I’m using a naming convention CLIENT | sitename and editing config.json to manually arrange sites when needed (move old ones to the bottom and current projects to the top), but would love a more intuitive way to manage the local sites:

  • Sort sites via drag-and-drop
  • Filter the list via a search field at the top
  • Group sites inside folders
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Hi @philippstracker, sorry this has been in the works for so long. I can confirm that we’re planning to releasea major UX update within the next few months/Q4 and I’ve made sure that our devs consider your recommendations as well. The currently planned feature will address sorting and filtering sites.

I’ll be sure to update this thread when this happens.

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Hello !
Any news about this ?
Any chance to at least get the list ordered by name by default ?

Hello @dw4y :wave:

We’ve added the feature to sort sites in DevKinsta, by “Date added (latest first)”, “Date added (oldest first)” or “Site name” and also to “Search sites” (or filter by “All”, “Running” or “Stopped” sites) when ten or more sites are present, as previously announced there:

I also tested on my DevKinsta and could see that option after I have 10 sites on the list


Thx @Agus and sorry my message was not clear.
My point was about setting the sort option to “name” by default :wink:

Thank you for your clarification @dw4y.
I see, yeah, while the sort and filter feature is available (when 10 or more sites are present) - I don’t see an option/setting to sort by “Site name” by default. I tested and confirmed that each time I navigated to other section in DevKinsta and back to the “Sites” page/section, or when DevKinsta is closed and shutdown and re-opened, the sites are sorted back to “Date added (Latest first)” by default.
I think what we can do is just to click the drop-down manually and choose to sort by “Site Name” :smiley:

I will also post to our internal team, if they can review and see if it’s possible to consider it as a feature request . Though we can’t promise anything yet about it.


Hello again @Agus.
A reminder about this feature.
I think it would be great that the app remembers sort and filter after a restart or juste when entering a website and go back to list.
Having to click each time on filter and sort to see what’s in use ine alphabetical order is a (little) waste of time :slight_smile:

Hi @dw4y :wave:

Thanks for the reminder about this feature request!
I also informed our internal devs team about this as I mentioned before, but so far no updates either about it. So I’ve just updated them again about this request too :smiley: .
And again, though we can’t promise anything about it yet (when new feature(s) will be available in the next DevKinsta release) .

Best regards,