Update the DB name in DevKinsta, after updating it in wp-config?

I’ve changed a local site to a different DB by (a) first renaming the DB in Adminer and then (b) updating wp-config.php of the relevant website. Then I’ve restarted DevKinsta, to propagate the change to relevant modules.

However, DevKinsta does not fetch the DB name from wp-config, but from some other source. It still displays the old/invalid DB name in the sites “Database” section. As a result, I get an error when I click on the “Manage Database” button.

Question: How can I update the DB name in DevKinsta to get the correct Adminer URL?

Here’s a sample screenshot - here I’ve simply changed the DB name to lowercase:

I’ve found a way to make those changes, by editing the internal config file ~/Library/Application Support/DevKinsta/config.json :slight_smile:

The DB Name of each site is at the location root \ sites [index] \ database \ name.

In this thread, I’ve added some more notes on editing the config file: Sorting, Filtering, or Ordering Sites on DevKinsta - #5 by philippstracker

Awesome searching! I’m glad that’s working for you. Let me know if you need anything else. :+1:

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