Stuck on Updating Site URLs

I have a brand new iMac, and am trying to setup my dev workflow again.

I have downloaded a fresh new DevKinsta to get up and running, and it is just stuck on ‘UPDATING SITE URLS’.

I see this is a bug noted here:

However, I haven’t setup a single site yet, as I’m not logged into my account yet, this is still the first install session so not sure how I would go about the whole ‘search and replace’ when I haven’t tried pulling any sites yet.

Please assist.

Hi @natasha_nightshift, sorry for the issue here.
I found the only way to get past this is to force quit DevKinsta then open it again. I’ve pointed this part of the bug to our developers as well. I’m also not sure why it would need to update site urls when there are no sites.

Please let us know if that doesn’t work.

Hi Kevin,

Although I tried that yesterday, and it didn’t work… I tried this morning and it worked! Amazing.

Thank you

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