Tool Error after Kinsta Google Cloud Migration

After we received notice that a few of our sites were migrated to a new machine in Google Cloud Hosting, one of our application sites seems to not be running correctly. When I attempt to troubleshoot PHP via the Kinsta GUI, all tools show a hover message “Environment is blocked” and I’m unable to do anything on that site. Other sites in our account run fine, we’re just have this issue with one of them. Unable to restore any backups because it says that there’s another process ongoing.

Please advise any recommendations on how to fix this!

Hi @dwood :wave: Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

I have checked the MyKinsta account linked to your profile using the “MyKinsta Account URL” provided. Although I noticed some failed actions, there does not seem to be any pending or stuck action that could prevent access to the tools on your MyKinsta dashboard. In case you continue to experience issues with your WordPress sites or accessing the MyKinsta dashboard, I suggest that you contact us via chat for the best possible resolution.
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