Unable to compile and render successful deployment


I am trying to figure out why my app is not rendering after a successful deployment.
Here are a couple images of what I am seeing on my end.

In the logs it is saying it can’t find a component in my React app even though it is rendering locally correctly.

I am wondering if I have something configured wrong and it is causing an issue? One of the component within the ResultsPage.tsx file does require data being fetched from a database, which could also be part of the issue?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Also I am getting a 503 error being shown in the latest successful deployment.

Hey @SteveBehm welcome to Kinsta Community!
Do you use Windows locally? :thinking: I can’t check the content of your repo but since you say that locally is working fine I wonder if the name of the component (or the path to it) you are importing is in a different case (lower or capital) than what you are using in your code.

It’s just a guess but better to double-check that.


Hi Alessandro!

Although the correct spelling for the file name is evident in my local project, it was not right in the GitHub repo. After changing the file name directly in GitHub I am now able to render the app in my browser. I am not sure why changing the file name in my local project didn’t also change the file name when I pushed my changes, weird. Anyway, thank you for the help!

Glad it worked, you are very welcome!

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