Using DevKinsta without installing Docker Desktop

Hi everyone,

My question is based on situations where we cannot have a license for Docker Desktop. You could assume a commercial large business with 250+ employees. The compliant software for local development at this company is not Docker Desktop but instead something else like minikube or rancher.

Can we install docker and docker-compose (v2) via Homebrew and continue using the DevKinsta application as is?

Hello @sharpspring :wave:

I don’t have Mac and have no experience using it before (been using Ubuntu Linux and Windows 10/11 so far while testing/using DevKinsta), so not quite sure about this - and in our documentation (Mac section) it mentioned about “Docker Desktop”.

In my Linux (currently using Ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS) though I only installed Docker Engine (and didn’t need to install Docker Desktop), and could run DevKinsta just fine with it.

I also searched on google and found this external article about how to installing Docker on Mac with Homebrew cask (again I have no experiences at all with Mac or with that Homebrew thing, and don’t use/have Mac here) - just sharing, in case that might help.
Maybe you can give it a try to install Docker via Homebrew on your local computer/Mac , and if it could be installed and is running just fine, then I think DevKinsta app/program will be able to run with that Docker.


Thank you Agus, I’ll try to install Docker via Homebrew and try to use DevKinsta this way on Mac.