Where to add feature requests for the API?

Hey, I was curious where I can submit feature requests? I’d primarily use the API for managing site backups. Is that on the table?

Hey @TouchdownTech welcome to Kinsta community!

Our API doesn’t currently offer a way to manage the site’s backups but it’s something that we are looking into :+1:

Thank you for sending your feature request!


Hey @Alessandro ,
I would like to have API for gathering site usage (eg: CDN, disk, visit count)

Hey @gripen, welcome to Kinsta Community!
That’s an interesting idea :thinking: I do see how this can be handy for a few users, so I’ll pass it as a feature request to our dev team.
They will review and discuss how it can be done and if it’s possible to implement it in the future. :+1:

Thanks for sharing your idea!


It would be immensely useful for anyone using MainWP to manage client websites.

Right thanks for your reply @TouchdownTech :slight_smile:
We’ve informed our internal dev team about this feature request and they are working on it - though we can’t tell yet when it will be ready/available, so let’s wait for that!


Hey @alessandro.promo ,
Thank you.
We provision the WP sites for other departments, I want to collect the current month usage of each site for billing / accounting. It is a little bit similiar to the data in analytics of each site, but i just need the lump sum of those 3 billing factors (disk, CDN, visit count) for current month only, no need to have daily usage or filebybytes, fileexternsionsbybytes.

You’re most welcome @gripen and thank you for your reply!

As mentioned before, we’ve already informed our internal devs team about this API feature request (for gathering site usage like: Disk, CDN, Visit counts) and they are working on it! :smiley: but again we can’t tell yet when it will be ready/available, and so please let’s wait for that!


Hey @TouchdownTech :wave:,
our team has released some endpoints that will allow you to get the list of available backups and restore them via API. This is all very new so as of right now the only documentation available is the auto-generated one but I wanted to give you a heads-up and make you aware of what has been released so far. The team is still working to increase the features related to backups, more will come soon :smile:


Thanks for the work on the API so far. We’ve been testing it out and wanted to second some features and add our own request.

  1. Backup management would be most valuable to us
  2. Access to logging related to the API use. Currently, as best we can tell, we can only see API activity (at least for WP environments) in the my.kinsta dashboard for a given environment under ‘User activity’. However, activity is marked as being executed by ‘Unknown user’. The initiatedBy field in the returned graphql data is simply null. It would be really useful to have those logs tagged with the name of the API key used.
  3. To a lesser degree, general site analytics such as disk usage and visit counts would be helpful.

Thanks again!

Hi @jacobshu :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

Thank you for your feedback and inputs for those some feature requests! :bowing_man:
I’ve passed your requests (previously some feature requests have been suggested too) to our internal devs team . Though, again we can’t tell yet when it will be ready/available, and so please let’s wait for them! :smiley:

Best regards,

Hey @Alessandro, @Agus

For “WP site domains” API, is it possible to get the “TXT and CNAME record” for Verify Domain? Either a new API call, or in the “200” response of the operation status query for the “add domain” call?

Is it possible to include all the under tools? eg: Geolocation, “force https”, “Password protection”, cdn and edge caching setting ?
Such that I can write a script to standarize all site creation.



Hey there, @gripen! :wave:

No, unfortunately, there’s no way to retrieve the TXT or CNAME values when adding a new domain to a site using the API. This is a good recommendation though as it would streamline the add domain process by a considerable margin!

I’ll pass this feature as well as the ability to manage site-specific tools naturally found in MyKinsta > Tools to our developers :ok_hand::slightly_smiling_face:


Would it be possible to scope the API keys?
For example, I’m tinkering on a little dashboard that eventually(hopefully) would get all the sites that a company has along with plugin and theme versions.
Sort of a plugin manager.

But for the purposes of this dashboard, it would never write to the API.
So it would be nice to be able to create a key that is scoped read only.

Hey @ZagnaH :wave:
Welcome back to the Kinsta Community!

Scoping the API keys isn’t currently supported, but that’s a good suggestion and something definitely worth considering. Generating select keys to explicitly function as read-only for particular use cases like the one you’ve mentioned seems like it would be a valuable inclusion!

Thank you for the feedback!


It is a great feature that there is “export to csv” under myKinsta’s bulk action. :+1: :+1: :+1:
It is the usage function I want to have. I hope this function can be available in the API too.

Btw, the exported CSV misses the WP version which is shown within myKinsta dashboard. It is nice to include this information in CSV

Hello @gripen,

I have added a feature request internally to have our CSV Export tool print out the WP version as well. Thank you for the suggestion.

Kind regards

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