Addon domain - adding a www

I have a difficulty adding sub-domain.

I successfully added a domain name - with the help of @Andrew -

However, I want to add “www”

It’s not working


Click on Domain
Add a domain
Adding a A record on Namecheap

I am also trying to add a subdomain on a another Krista app-


Hi @guinslym,

Thank you for reaching out.
I checked your account and it seems that the A record that you recently added for www hasn’t propagated yet. This is similar to the other subdomain that you have added for your other Static app. See screenshots below:

DNS propagation usually takes 24-48 hours to complete. Let’s give this more time.
If it is okay, can you please send me DM with the screenshots of the subdomain’s A records so that I can double check and confirm?

Looking forward to your response.

Hi @guinslym,

Thank you for sending the screenshot of your DNS records.

It seems that you have added the DNS records incorrectly.
Can you please edit the following records and make sure you only put the following under hosts?


What happened is that the root domain was also added in Namecheap thus showing this for example.

Screenshot 2024-03-02 at 2.52.30 PM

Once this is rectified, both of the subdomains will be live and resolve properly.

Let me know if you encounter issues.

Thank you very much for noticing that! It’s working!

Hi @guinslym ,

You are most welcome! I can see that the subdomains are live now as well.

Thank you for working this with me. If ever you have other queries, please feel free to reach out.
Have a great day!

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