Confirming pointing on static site domain

It says it takes up to 24 hours but I’ve been stuck on this message for well over that:

Confirming pointing

However, dns propagation suggests that the domain pointing is now complete and it 's correctly pointing to the new A record, so not sure why my account is stuck on this message.

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Can you DM or post the domain name you’re having issues with pointing?

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This seems to have since resolved itself. For some reason within the control panel/login area it was only asking me to update the A record, but not the CNAME record. At some point later ( a few days or so) that information then changed to only tell me to set the CNAME record. So I may have missed that. Either way I think the information should display all the required DNS record changes from the outset to avoid any confusion.

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Thank you for your reply and update! :slight_smile:
In general when adding custom domain, once the TXT verification process has been completed, it would ask either, to point via CNAME record for domain that’s already connected to CloudFlare (e.g.: through your own active Cloudflare account)
to point via A record for domain that has no connection to Cloudflare (proxy or DNS)

Anyway, I’m glad to see it’s now resolved! :+1:

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