Completely New to Wordpress. Need Help

Hello Everyone,

I was asked to create a Wordpress website for my company but have never done this before. I’m also brand new to DevKinsta. If anyone has answers to the questions below, the support/help would be greatly appreciated.

  1. Where should I be creating the website? In WordPress itself? In a separate IDE?

  2. If the site is created in Wordpress, do I push it to DevKinsta? What is that process like?

  3. What is the purpose of DevKinsta since Wordpress already has hosting?

If anyone has additional information to share on this process, I am all ears.

Thank you,

Hi @Cullen, welcome to DevKinsta!

WordPress is a full content management system, so unless you’ll be writing custom code for your own themes or plugins creating a site will be done within WordPress itself without the need for an IDE.

In our help center we have a guide explaining what WordPress is and how it can be used.

DevKinsta in a development environment which allows you to build and test a site on your local machine, and push it to a staging environment at any time.
You could also use DevKinsta to build a site and host it on your own servers or elsewhere. Its not necessarily restricted to our platform, though it is integrated with a button to push your site here easily.

DevKinsta also doesn’t integrate with hosting at all, which is the platform I believe you are referring to in your 3rd question.
When you see WordPress hosting services like ours, it is separate from completely.

Hopefully, this helps answer your questions. If you think of others or need clarification on what I mentioned let us know!

Hello David,

Thank you so much for the response back! The document links you provided were extremely helpful and I’ve been on quite the journey learning about WordPress and DevKinsta.

I think for now I have things under control. Glad to have found DevKinsta!