DK0024 Error SSL (Windows10)

Hi , I’m on Windows 10 , and it’s impossible for me to install the SSL certificate …
I’m running the program as administrator… but no way… always an error message on the panel of my website.
In main.log I have :
[error] {
constructor: ‘CertificateCreationError_CertificateCreationError’,
errorCode: ‘DK0024’,
messagePath: ‘errors.CERTIFICATE_CREATION_WIN’,
showErrorCode: true,

What can I do ?

Hello @Marie_Charton . Welcome to DevKinsta! I’m happy to help. Error DK0024 indicates “You may see this error if DevKinsta is unable to store the security certificate in the Windows certificate manager.” Would you happen to have any firewalls or security apps installed that would prevent it from being stored? If so, try disabling those and see if that helps.

Hi michael ,
I don’t have firewalls, only the windows 10 , and i have allow devKinsta and docker folders to the authorized app. So i don’t have ant idea why it still don’t work …

I’m having the same issue on Windows 10 Pro. I’m using only Windows Defender, and I’ve also tried disabling that. I’ve started over from the beginning on importing the site from MyKinsta and also hit “Retry” multiple times.


I’ve tried disabling both real-time and tamper protection in Windows Defender:

@DavidMitchell I’m sorry for the issues here. Are you running DevKinsta in administrator mode? Are you running on the latest version of DevKinsta as well (2.2.0)?

@michael, thanks for your response! Yes, I have the latest version of DevKinsta. No, I was not running it in administrator mode, until you suggested it. Retrying after launching it in administrator mode worked!

Does it need to be in administrator mode all the time? Was this mentioned somewhere that I missed?

@DavidMitchell I’m glad that worked! Administrator mode is needed here to write to the host file on the machine. Once it’s in there, it doesn’t need to be on administrator mode again but may be useful if more permissions are needed.

Thanks, @michael. The current error code solution is “Try to recreate the site, and ensure you provide the correct password to the Windows confirmation dialog.” Is that for a different issue? I didn’t get a Windows confirmation dialog at all. Anyway, I suggest updating that with mention of running DevKinsta with admin privileges. :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ll update the documentation on that. Administrator mode is needed to write to the host file and generate the SSL certificate. It doesn’t need to be run all the time, although it doesn’t hurt if you can.

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