How to change ports when DevKinsta stops at starting Docker?

I’ve set DevKinsta to use a certain port but that port is not available any more so now Docker can’t start the devkinsta_nginx container. And then DevKinsta is stuck at starting the container (DK0009). Therefor I can’t change the port to something else.

How do I change the port setting in DevKinsta if it won’t finish the startup?

Hi @Aetles :wave:

Can you let us know the output of docker ps in Terminal/Command Prompt, so we can see the current configuration of Docker? It sounds like a port 80 or port 443 conflict because the system can’t assign a listening socket to or

Also, can you let us know if in Docker Desktop → Settings → Advanced, Allow privileged port mapping is checked? The settings (on Mac anyway) should look something like:

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