How to use Apache instead of Nginx / MySQL instead of MariaDB?

I’m using the AAM Protected Media Files plugin which requires configuring the .htaccess file on Apache or the nginx.conf file on Nginx as shown here: -the-wordpress-media-library. The difficulty with DevKinsta is that I can’t use Apache and I don’t know how to configure Nginx or how to use Docker, I’m not a scientist. Is it possible to replace Nginx with Apache? Is it also possible to replace MariaDB with MySQL? Because with MariaDB, the navigation in the WordPress dashboard is really too slow, it takes about 2-3 seconds each time I select a tab while it is instantaneous with MySQL.

Hi @tilt, thanks for reaching out. DevKinsta uses NGINX by default with Mariadb and we don’t have any immediate plans to expand on this but you are welcome to submit a feature request. If those two are absolutely necessary for your development process then you may have to use a different local development application like XAMPP.
As for the slowness, are you sure it’s purely because of the database? Right now there is a known performance issue with Windows/Mac because of how site files are stored but we are working on improving this. If you are on Windows, you can try updating to the latest DevKinsta version and switching to Hyper-V for improved loading. If you are on Mac, you can update to the latest version of Docker and enable virtiofs Speed boost achievement unlocked on Docker Desktop 4.6 for Mac - Docker

Please let me know if you would like to add the NGINX rule that you linked; It’s not as simple as .htaccess but I can guide you with how to do that with Docker.

Hi! Any update on that slowness on Windows/Mac? I was really excited about your dev local tool but I can’t do anything in the backend none the less creating a site since a simple refresh of the default page takes more than 5 seconds to load.

Hi @mihainicup, thanks for reaching out. We are still working on improving performance but you can find our main thread/suggestions here: Website Interactivity is Slow - #65 by Kevin