Product subcategories appearing under all categories


I am currently experiencing an issue with my WordPress website using WooCommerce.
I am developing locally with DevKinsta, but I am getting into some weird problem that I think it might be related with DevKinsta (as any other solution I tried did not work)

Here’s the problem:
I created a bunch of product categories (say “Kitchens” and “Bathrooms”.)
Both of those categories have been configured with:

  • Parent Category: None
  • Display type: Subcategories

I then proceed to create a sub-category called “Modern”. The subcategory is configured with :

  • Parent Category: Kitchens
  • Display Type: Products

But here is my issue. If I go to /catalog/kitchens/modern it works fine, but if I go to /catalog/bathrooms/modern instead of getting 404 I see the modern page! (Note: catalog is my product category base in the permalink settings)

I tried everything to fix this issue:

  • Removed all plugins besides woocommerce
  • Changed theme back to the default
  • Tried different permalinks
  • etc…

but nothing seems to fix the issue. Any idea what could it be?

Here are is my product categories page: Screenshot - ff3eea24564286a6b71f2c1c5dc99f7f - Gyazo

Here is my WooCommerce customization panel for product catalog: Screenshot - 3dd9e10c3ae69cea336448067152725f - Gyazo

Hello @pperuzzo :wave: Welcome to Kinsta Community!

I was able to replicate the issue both on my DevKinsta local install and a Kinsta live container of my test site and got the same results. I have even tried setting Kitchens and Bathrooms Display Type to default (you’ve set it as subcategory) to see if that’s the issue.

I got the same results with Modern subcategory - instead of displaying 404, it displayed the modern page regardless of me changing the URL.

Given that this issue is present on both my local DevKinsta install and on the live Kinsta container, this pretty much proves that this is not a DevKinsta related issue. Also, we don’t have a server-side setting which would influence this and cache is ruled out as an issue.

In the interest of getting the right answer for this issue, I advise reaching out to Woocommerce support, since it’s their product and it does seem related to how the plugin functions itself.

Kind regards

Hey Vladimir,

Thanks a lot for the context and for the updates.
I thought it could be a Kinsta-related issue just because removing all the other variables did not seem to resolve the problem.

But feel free to close the issue! Or if relevant, you can leave this open and I will post an update once I figure out a solution.


Hello @pperuzzo :wave:

If you get an answer from Woocommerce support or find a solution yourself, we would be happy to hear it. :slight_smile:

Kind regards