Site Crash Competition

Hello, we are preparing the largest competition in France, we are preparing to receive 200,000 visitors to our site per day. I wanted to know if you had any advice to give me so that the site doesn’t crash.

Hello @Adem_M :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

As I can see from your account profile here, you have an active WordPress plan in your MyKinsta control panel (but not Databases nor Applications hosting, so I moved your post from:
“Database Hosting → Questions” to the “WordPress → Question” section) - and I assumed that you would like to prepare to receive 200,000 visitors/day for your WordPress site hosted with us.

If that so, then you can open a ticket to reach out to our Account Management team, by log in to MyKinsta and click the chat icon in the lower right corner.
When 1st prompted, please choose the 2nd option: “I have a question about my plan”,
and then choose another 2nd option: “I have questions about an upcoming traffic spike” .

Then you can just provide details and whatnot in that ticket/conversation (i.e.: provide the WP site in question, and inform them that you’re preparing to receive 200,000 visitors / day , etc.), so that once ready and available, our account management team can give you a proper advice based on your requirements/needs.

A member of the account management team will get back to you as soon as possible through that ticket (they are available Mon-Fri from 5AM - 10PM UTC). Please note that the account management team is not available to chat live, so you will receive a response by email once they have had a chance to review your request.

Best regards,