WordPress and Bedrock. No Language Options for Site Language in WordPress

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Regarding your concern. I was able to have it replicated on my own test site’s WP admin:

But I managed to make the languages available again after I set DISALLOW_FILE_EDITS and DISALLOW_FILE_MODS to FALSE under my wp-config.php file:


So I would highly recommend giving this a shot on your site as well :bow_and_arrow:

I hope you find this information helpful. In case you bump into some other questions regarding this matter. Please feel free to leave a message on this thread and we’ll get back in touch ASAP :fast_forward:

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Hi @Daniel_Oliver, thank you, it’s working, but I think, to set FALSE on DISALLOW_FILE_EDITS and DISALLOW_FILE_MODS can cause security problems.
I think the best way is to set FALSE those consts, after that install (check) language and set the TRUE again. In that case I can avoid security problems and work with checked language.
Do you agree with this approach?

Hello Sergey,

Yes, if you have concerns in regards to security, you can set it back to TRUE (for both), after you’ve made the language change.

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Thank you @Vladimir_Milosavljev

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