WP All in One Import Ban

I don’t believe banning WP all-in-one Import improves the user experience. It is my go-to for quickly taking a backup on my local host environment or migrating from one host to another.

I can appreciate that Kinsta has its in-built methods, but I far prefer the experience of WP all-in-one Import. Once I transfer what I need, I usually delete or deactivate the plugin.

Kinsta’s documentation says: “If a plugin is on our list, it’s because our sysadmin team has identified an issue with it. These problems are typically tied to performance or functionality.”

I don’t believe this to be true with this plugin, and I use a workaround to activate it anyway. It’s a slight (and unnecessary) annoyance, though.

It would be good if the Kinsta team could review the policy for this plugin again. It was banned a long time ago, and I’m sure things have changed since then.

Hello @perth-seo-agency :wave: and welcome to DevKinsta community!

Thank you for reaching us out!
Please allow me to inform you that all-in-one-wp-migration plugin and some other plugins, listed on that page, are not allowed or won’t work properly in the Kinsta environment when users use/run any of those plugins on their sites hosted on our Managed WordPress hosting servers.
The reason of all-in-one-wp-migration plugin is still on the banned list because it’s been found to run up a huge amount of disk space and can abuse disk I/O which can cause platform/LXD instability.

You can still install that all-in-one-wp-migration plugin on the local WordPress site you installed/setup via DevKinsta - Note that if Kinsta MU plugin is installed/enabled there, you will need to remove/uninstall it first.