WSL 2 is not installed

I would like to know what to type in my powershell to activate WSL 2, as it is required by Docker.

Thanks !

Hi @Fredde . Thanks for reaching out and welcome to DevKinsta. :slight_smile:

It can be downloaded here. Here’s also more information on WSL2. We hope to make this process easier in our next update. Stay tuned!

Thank you, Michael !
I had found two urls by myself (googling). They are : and (same as yours it seems).

I managed to set it right, even if I am not sure of what I have done, and it works !
All this is not enough to clench my curiosity about which kernel to use and so on …
I hope it will be clearer in the future.

As well as I hope we will be able to choose the table prefix before the database is set.
Good thing this devKinsta ! Congrats !