Getting the installation screen instead of installed site

Hey, guys.

When I go to “Add site” > “New WordPress site”, instead of getting an installed WordPress site, I persistently end up getting the installation page:

What am I missing, please?



Hi @alex2022, welcome to DevKinsta!
This is very odd; Is this a brand new installation of DevKinsta? If you try to fill in the setup page info, are you able to create the site? Also, if you are able to set the site up, does going to the Database Manager for the site show a correctly populated database?

If nothing works, please private message your main.log file to me and I’ll ask our devs for assistance!

Thank you for your reply, Kevin.

Yep, this is indeed a new DevKinsta installation.

If you try to fill in the setup page info, are you able to create the site

I go “Add site” > “New WordPress site”, fill in the “Site name”, “WordPress admin username”, and “WordPress admin password” fields, click the “Create site” button.

I can see a little wheel spinning inside the “Site Info” and the “Creating new site” progress bar in the bottom right corner.

Then I get the “Authentication Required”, enter my Linux Ubuntu password, and end up with a thumbnail you can see in my opening message.

Here is my main.log file for your view, please.

main.log (709.8 KB)



Thanks @alex2022! I’m seeing the same error pop up a few times in the main.log:

[hosts] Add host entries
[info]  [ProgressIndicator] { isFailed: false, isOpen: true }
[error] Error: Encountered an error: Error: User did not grant permission.

But the popup you receive/fill out should be taking care of that error. I’m going to ask our Devs to look into your main.log and will get back to you as soon as I hear back from them!

Guys, please feel free to close this ticket, I am all set now.

I uninstalled Docker and DevKinsta, downloaded the new DevKinsta .deb pack, and installed Docker and DevKinsta. That was that.




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