The installation of an existing site is not proceeding

image When installing the site from live hosting, it loads to 50% and just stops, no further. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling several times, still the same. No error occurs, I don’t understand why this is the case?

Hello Azat, sorry to hear about the problem you are experiencing? Can you provide us with the company name on which this is failing, and is this error happening on MyKinsta push to DevKinsta or inside your computer DevKinsta pushing to the Live site? Also, have you tried to inspect the browser tab and see if some error will appear there?
You have tried to reinstall it on DevKinsta or on Live MyKinsta site? If you can provide me with site name on MyKinsta so I can check error log there and if something is wrong with wp-config.php maybe that is preventing the update if some define lines are present causing the issue for push.

I’m not doing a push, I’m pulling down a new site

My website

Hello @Azat_Erlanov_Erlanov

Could you please provide us with the main.log so we can check if there’s an error that would explain this situation?

You can obtain main.log as explained here.

I sent the file earlier, did you accept it?

Hi @Azat_Erlanov_Erlanov , thank you! We’ve received the file and I’m going to remove it from your new post for security purposes while we take a look.

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Accepted, pending, thank you!

Hi @Azat_Erlanov_Erlanov,

I’ve reviewed the main.log file, but I didn’t notice anything unusual that could have caused the Pull action to get stuck. According to the main.log, it appears that the Pull action was completed.

Could you please try creating a fresh WordPress site through DevKinsta to see if it completes successfully? This will help us in further troubleshooting the issue. You could also temporarily disable any security software on your machine while attempting to do the Pull action again.

Additionally, to avoid unnecessary back and forth, kindly provide the following information:

Machine OS version:
DevKinsta version:
Docker Desktop version:

We look forward to hear back from you. :slight_smile:

It also stops at the “Update host files” item

Windows 11
DevKinsta version
Docker Desktop 4.30.0 (149282) is currently the newest version available.

Can you run Devkinsta and Docker Desktop as an administrator? It’s possible that a security software is preventing edits to your machine’s local host file.

Account Control

This application is blocked for security purposes.

The administrator has blocked the execution of this application. Contact your administrator for more information. K


Publisher: No information

Hello @Azat_Erlanov_Erlanov

That confirms that the system is blocking DevKinsta from doing what it should. However, we can’t fix this from our end. You would need to bypass or unblock the app in your settings.

This article might offer a few ways to do it in order to run it as admin: An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App – How to Fix on a Windows 10 PC.

Kind regards

Is it possible that this is because this application was installed on another PC and during installation it was selected to allow installation for one user only? There is only one account on both PCs.

I don’t think so, though the only way to make sure is to reinstall DevKinsta using different settings. That setting generally has effect only on users on certain machine, not globaly.

I have fixed this problem but everything is also still the same.

Thank you for your reply, @Azat_Erlanov_Erlanov. I’m sorry to hear that this issue is persisting.

I understand that you are attempting to pull the live environment of your site when you see this issue. I would like to check and see if the issue continues to persist when pulling the staging environment. If you could please try again but this time try pulling the staging environment to see if the issue persists.

If the issue persists even after pulling the site from the staging environment if you could please direct/private message me an updated copy of the main.log file that will help in our investigation.

We look forward to hearing from you!