Website Interactivity is Slow

I also experience very bad performance: around 7-8 seconds to load a page.
I’m on a MacBook Pro with a M1 pro cpu, running MacOs Monterey. I installed DevKinsta v2.6.
I followed the recommendations of @philippstracker without much success.
Has anyone (Mac user) found a way to make DevKinsta run a little faster?

Also running into this issue

2019 MacBook Pro,
macOS 12.2.1
2.6GHz i7

DevKinsta 2.6.0
Docker 4.3.1

Had no problems with dev kinsta up until a couple of weeks ago I rebuilt my entire dev environment from scratch because of an accidental database deletion locally (when testing migrations) - my first time building an env since ~Feb 2021.

Not sure what’s happened in that time, but pages now taking 40+ seconds to load sometimes, with an average of 20+ seconds overall. It’s kind of completely unworkable and really slows down my ability to be productive. (Production is near-instant when performing similar/the same operations)

Double posting here, but I’ve yet to find any solution - my entire local environment is bricked. It’s not that pages load slowly, they just don’t load now full stop.

I’m effectively prevented from doing my day job because of this for a service that my company is paying for.

Tried re-installing multiple times, updating everything from docker to system OS so that I’m on the latest version, and nothing has worked.

What on earth am I supposed to do about it? The only solution I can think of at this point in time is go away and create my own local staging environment and completely remove the use of DevKinsta within our company’s development process, because there’s no clear fix to this within the forum thread, and no active line of support from Kinsta.

Hi everyone, I’m taking over gathering information for this issue/thread and have been reviewing Windows performance issues this week/advocating for more Mac testing.

For Windows Users: our developers are currently working on prioritizing Hyper-V support over WSL2, since WSL2 is the main cause for performance issues. Right now, Hyper-V sort of works but is not too easy to set up.

For Mac Users: Mac issues seem more complex but less common. Our developers are working to reproduce issues to track down solutions. Right now our advice is to update to Docker Desktop 4.6 then follow Docker’s recommendation to enable “vritiofts.”. If this still does not improve performance for you on Mac, please open a new thread so that we can gather more information for testing purposes.

For Linux Users: We recommend using Docker Engine instead of Docker Desktop for the best performance/experience.

In the long term, we are looking to change how local files are stored for DevKinsta to hopefully tackle all the performance issues at once. We apologize for how long this has been an issue but we’ll do all we can to make sure we make DevKinsta perform as well as it should. Please feel free to message me privately/directly with any information/issues or create a new thread in the forum so that we can start looking at cases individually. If I discover any new solutions/improvements that can be made I will post them here.


@devstagr, can you please start a new Bug Report listing your current versions of everything? Your loading times seem exceptionally high and there may be something else going on besides just the Docker issues.

Sure - fwiw just tried updating docker to the latest version (4.9.1) and enabling vritiofts but no dice still

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Hi @Kevin & all,
On my end, activating “Enable VirtioFS accelerated directory sharing” works.
Now it’s really fast, loading pages around 50 times faster!
My config:
MacBook Pro 2021 (M1)
macOS Monterey 12.4
Docker 4.9.1
DevKinsta 2.6.0

Thank you!

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Hi everyone, major news for Windows Users who prefer Hyper-V:
We’ve released version 2.7.0 of DevKinsta, which fixes some permission issues that Hyper-V started causing earlier this year. You can now switch Docker to Hyper-V and create/pull sites without running into errors.

As for general performance, we have also updated the number of PHP Workers from 4 to 8(pm.max_children). This should help people with larger sites who were struggling with just 4 php workers. Please continue to use this thread to report interactivity issues.


Windows 11 Pro
DevKinsta 2.7.0
Php 7.2

A simple wordpress site 6.0 version of only 100+ MB is very slow to interact with, a simple page refresh takes more than 7 seconds.

Sites are installed on SSD;
CPU: Intel Xeon e5-2665 v1;
RAM: 32GB ;

Website has only ACF, CPT ui plugins installed and uses Timber StarterTheme.

Simple Wordpress Theme like TwentyTwentyTwo takes more than 5 secs to load :

Tried to give higher priority for DevKinsta/ Docker processes but with no result. Also added the site folder to Windows Security Exclusions.

Sometimes when installing plugins have to reload the page to see that the process is done.

Any solutions ?

Hi @Ion_T, welcome to DevKinsta!
I’m assuming you are running DevKinsta with WSL? It’s been found that Docker works better on Windows(due to how site files are currently stored by DevKinsta) when you use Hyper-V.

My main suggestion is to go to your settings and deselect “Use the WSL 2 based engine.”

Note: sites created under WSL will no longer be able to connect to the old database volume so you’ll need to either transfer the old database or just recreate the sites when switching to Hyper-V.

If you need any more help please feel free to create a new thread in Application Support.

Hi, yes you are right. WSL was activated .

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Again thanks for your support. Now the website loads significantly faster !


I am on a latest Mac Studio, it is slower than the Kinsta Staging site.
Live site on Kinsta is pretty fast…
Any news on this matter for mac users?

Hi @nono, is it slower even after following the recommended settings for Mac?

If so, we haven’t made the main performance changes yet. Our devs are finalizing other core requested features before concentrating on performance with future updates. It is definitely high on their list/will be addressed.

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Hi Kevin,

I did not know about this recommended setting for Mac, so I tried the “VirtioFS” and….
speed finally came… it is like 10 time faster. For other MAC users , check the Kevin’s link .
I am so glad to have asked the forum……
Thanks for the fast follow up.


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